I Am A Person Of Faith

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Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:39) This may seem out of place to start, but it speaks to the challenge of completing this assignment. Many individuals attend universities to learn and to seek out who they are. In pursuing their dreams of academic success they will have their beliefs challenged and sometimes maligned. In seeking out degrees which will improve their life they fall danger to accepting notions that run contrary to their faith. That said I found this paper to be tricky as I attempt to balance my academic pursuits while remaining faithful to my God. We were given three options though only two applied to me since I am a person of faith. My options were to interview a religious leader not of my faith or attend a religious service different from my own religious tradition. Since I didn’t know any religious leaders outside of my faith the most logical option was to attend a religious service different from my own. I will detail which worship service I attended and why I chose that particular service. Additionally, I’ll detail how I went about completing this assignment to include observations. Finally, I’ll discuss what I learned from this project.
This was going to be a challenging project regardless of which topic I chose. Once I selected to do the worship service, I kept hearing, “You shall not worship any other god…” inside my head. The bible has multiple references to this topic and those

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