I Am A Perfectionist, My Failure Essay

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I can say that I am a perfectionist, and I have always wanted to do and make the best of everything I do. With being a perfectionist, everything he or she does has to be right. If it’s not I just failed at what I had to do. In my eyes my failure is what kept me striving at what I needed to do to make it. It was also a lesson I learned on how to improve my game at the next level. Then I noticed that I was not, and could not be the best at everything I done. I realized the more times I attempted what I wanted to do it made me better. It also made me look at what I was doing wrong at the time I was doing it. So I’ll tell everybody about the day I found out I was good enough, and what I done to better myself. It was back in the 9th grade. When it was time for basketball tryouts, and I knew students from different middle schools was going to try out too. I learned how to play basketball from playing with my big cousin and his friends. That day everyone was talking about who would make the team and how hard it was going to be. Many people was telling me that I was going to make the team because of how well I played in middle school. I had it in my head that I would make the basketball team. During tryouts we did a lot of things I learned in middle school, but there was one dribbling drive that I could not quite get attached to. After the tryouts were over, I got that worst news I had ever experienced myself. I had been cut from the team. After being sad about not making the…

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