I Am A Nursing Student Essay

820 Words Sep 1st, 2016 4 Pages
When I convey to friends and family that I am a nursing student, they automatically presume I am intelligent, driven, caring, and most stereotypical – stressed out. Coming into the Mayo Cohort program I retained preconceptions on what nursing school would encompass, as I heard other’s experiences, but I did not discern how I would adapt. While I do retain the qualities of a nursing student – critical thinker, honest, nurturing, dedication, diligence, and caring – I am also a perfectionist. My first impression of myself as a nursing student stands that I am a very tentative learner. Due to my perfectionism, I almost second guess my abilities, as I am anxious of making mistakes. While I comprehend that most individuals feel doubtful in their actions at times, as we are students, I must try to turn my fear into a lesson. Rather than being fearful of making mistakes, I can use a mistake as a lesson to better prepare myself for the future. If I do not understand a skill, or concept, I can acquire assistance from either a faculty member, my mentor, or a classmate. Though I am tentative, from the almost three weeks in class, I perceive myself as highly dedicated to my education. I am eager to put in additional time and effort into my education if it betters my probabilities for success. My weeks now consist of late night study sessions, driving over two hours a day for courses, and waking up early to squeeze in extra study time. My education is what I make of it, so if I desire…

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