Essay on I Am A Normal Writer

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1. Reading this chapter helped me to see that I am a normal, functioning writer! I always felt that writing took me too long because I edit as I go and feel as if I go in endless cycles refining how I would like convey my thoughts. According to this book, that is what real writers do! I had no idea that I have been writing like a real writer. I can identify the steps the book presents in myself. I hope this means that I will be able to set up an environment, and work with kids so they can figure out how to do the same.

2. I connect with this chapter where it says that usually teachers do not teach writing, they just assign it. I have had many, many writing assignments in my life. I realize, that I have taught myself to write, over time, through trial and error, as my teachers were mostly just assigning it. Fascinating! This program reminds of how the Café reading approach take the time to model and teach students traits and skills that some readers automatically develop over time. I know that when I was in school students were just expected to “read".

3. It seems that the 6 Trait Writing Process allows children to work in whatever phase of writing they are in and is set up so they can move on to the next writing step when they decide they are ready, instead of a teacher telling them when they move from one phase of writing to the next. AMAZING! I can barely believe what I am reading. The Montessori curriculum has this process approach to teaching its curriculum. It was…

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