Essay about I Am A Normal Again

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I just want to be normal again.
Just thirteen months after I was born, my sister Michelle, a blue-eyed baby girl with striking black hair was born, and though my father loved Michelle as much as any father would, to him this baby was different, because he felt tricked into having her. According to my mother, this was not true and he went along with the idea of bringing more children into the home, though he told others that she stopped taking her new medicine the doctor called “birth control” on purpose and made him believe the pregnancy happened by accident. My father could not give up the resentful feelings he had for my mother and Michelle. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I have heard my father talk of this on numerous occasions. The way he looked and the feelings I felt when he talked about it were more than enough to speak volumes of his anger, resentment and guilt over the way he felt. This bitterness towards my mother and Michelle followed over to church, instead of my father lovingly blessing Michelle with a name in a religious ceremony, my mother insisted her brother, Sean give the blessing.

Just after I was born, my parents’ moved into a travel trailer in the backyard of my grandparents home, so we could downsize to help with the finances since he was trying to start a business away from his family, because he had gotten into arguments with his father and brothers so much that they finally told him he needed to grow up or get out. Being the arrogant man…

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