I Am A New Vice President Of Communications Department Of The American Academy Of Dermatology

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For this journal entry I have chosen the professional scenario from the Milestone Three Rubric, where I am a member of the communications department of the American Academy of Dermatology. In the scenario, a new vice president of communications has asked to evaluate an infographic on how to spot skin cancer, which the company has released, and compare it to best practices as follows:
• Comparing it to best practices for typeface
• Comparing it to best practices for quality of content, icons, images, and photographs used.
• Provide a conclusion which states whether the infographic is the appropriate tool for the delivery of these messages. Typography is the power to communicate an expression of words and ideas visually (Ben Barrett-Forrest, 2013). Infographics contain a “visual representation of data” (Honders, 2012). Popularity and the demand for infographics are reported to have increased 800% since 2013 (Asghar, 2015). It is important to understand best practices, and what keeps a reader focused on the key messages, or how they look at an infographic. Honders (2012) suggests that a reader will initially look at what the infographic is about, and skip over reading the small print (para. 2). However, applying subtle changes to typography can be a way to apply greater meaning and interpretation of a message (Knight and Glaser, 2012).
How to Spot Skin Cancer Typeface Evaluation Choosing a proper font can go two ways, it can add authority to your words, or…

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