I Am A My Dream Essay example

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If a questionnaire devoted to me was distributed to an audience, many of its members would respond that I am a reserved and intelligent young lady. Although those two adjectives suit me well, I am more than those members’ perception. In corporation to being reserved and intelligent, I embody an ambitious persona that surpasses many of my peers. With that being said, I have always been the girl with big aspirations that exceed the limits of the sky, despite the adversities I have encountered during my upbringing. Instead of dreaming about a fantasy, I make my dreams a reality as I am constantly making a plan to accomplish my aspirations. By looking closely, you will see that I made my aspirations a reality as I am now a pageant girl, model, and aspiring pediatric surgeon who is definitely a powerful force to be reckoned with. Foremost, throughout my primary years of school, I always participated in school pageants. However, I wanted to compete in professional pageants on a state level, but I never was afforded the opportunity until I was a teenager. “Advancing to the Miss Teen National Competition is…. Contestant 145, Miss Jasmine Carter! Congratulations, Jasmine!” During that moment, a feeling of gratitude rushed through my body as hundreds of people applauded my victory. This distinct moment deemed me as a poised leader after my outstanding accomplishment of advancing to the Final Top Ten eligible for nationals at the Miss Teen Pageant. Unfortunately, I was unable to…

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