Essay on I Am A Manager At A Hospital

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I am a manager at a hospital, which is also known as Health Service Manager. I believe that it would be difficult for me to handle or keep on top of with managing time. I say that because it is hard to get things done within a reasonable time frame. Even if you hire people to help you, everything might not be done. Especially in the medical field, every day is a different day. At the hospital anything can happen; there is not a normal day, it is always unpredictable. One of the administers I’ve interviewed said he is never in this office. Every day is a not the same, he would be shocked if he did get all of his work done within the eight hours he has worked.
My goal is to try to avoid injuries as much as possible. When a worker is injured that person needs coverage for their shift. This means it would be a lot of paperwork to fill out. With that being said also having to pay that injured employee with worker’s compensation. I will inform people about techniques on how to avoid injuries. I believe that it is difficult to keep the people safe from injuries, accidents happen. It is impossible to avoid.
Delivering bad news is difficult, no one wants to hear them. I would hate to have to fire someone because of their work performance. I would give the worker only three warnings, which would be verbal, written, and lastly termination. All of the followings would be in the organization policies handbook. They would have to decide if they want to follow them or not. If they want to…

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