Essay I Am A Man Who Loved Me And My Life

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I was a lucky woman that married a man who loved me and supported me all the time in my whole life. He was my cousin, we met each other when we were thirteen years old at which year we also engaged. Our marriage lives were great, he was gentle and caring. He did not give up on me, even I was almost die at the end of my life. He was such a good husband compared to other men at that period of time. We had one daughter and one son lived together. Unfortunately, because of some money issues, my husband and I escaped away home, since then, I had never seen my children again. There were both happiness and sadness in our life. I have no regrets over my life time because I met my husband Shen Fu. He gave me opportunities and courage to do things that women were not allowed to do. My spirit and mind were developed after I met my husband. We both had great time together which according to our happy lives and love between us. Life was tough, however, I was glad I could spend my life with my love.
Family was extremely important in Chinese culture. When I married my husband Shen Fu, we lived together with Shen Fu’s family members. It was a big family. At the beginning, I was shy and quite, but I respected everyone at home. Because I was older than Shen Fu for ten months, I called Shen Fu younger brother and he called me elder sister even we were couples. In Chinese traditional perspective, women’ works were taking good care of husband and children. I got up really early in every morning,…

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