I Am A Man Who Is Self Essay

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A man who is self aware, who is conscious will have great strides and will be able to progress. Benjamin Franklin was a man who is honest with himself and tries to improve each day. Not to waste time but to make every second count. As he develops these methods for himself and shares it with the world, he is subtly encouraging us to do the same. Being a man that is conscious, aware of themselves and their choices. To be perfect.
There are instance when we would fail and continue to make the same mistakes. Maybe the reason for making the same fault more than once is because we develop a habit. Which may be a lack of attention. Disregarding out action unintentionally. “While my care was employ’d in guarding against one fault, I was often surpriz’d by another. Habit took the advantage of inattention. Inclination was sometimes too strong for reason.” .(Franklin 188) While we all have faults, bad habits, flaws or whatever you may like to call it. If we are aware of it. If we can allow our mind to bring the subconscious thought into conscious thought, then it’s a step to perfecting oneself. “Stop habit from becoming mindless; force yourself to have to think about habit” (Dr.phil) If we can form such habits we can surely break it.
How would it be possible for us to perfect oneself if we are mindless in everything we do. If we act out of impulse all the time. If we have no plans in the future we wish to achieve. We need to be aware of our actions. We need to acknowledge our failures…

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