I Am A Lucky Student Essay

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“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart”. (Author Unknown) Looking back on my education and school life, I have realized I am one lucky student. I had experienced many teachers in my life, but I also learned from all my teachers. I remember mostly good things about my schooling experience, and a small amount of bad memories. Good versus bad is just part of life, and as a teacher in progress, it is my duty to learn from my school experiences and utilize my memoires of good and bad for my own students benefits to have a great experience in my classroom and hopefully, help them in their future school experiences.
I have more pleasant memories in school than bad. Some of the best memories I had started out in elementary school. In my elementary school, there was this reading program named Accelerated Reader (A.R.). This was a program based on reading and quizzes. The school had a point system for the program and the more points you received the more rewards you would encounter. In second grade I had enough points to be treated with ice cream by my teacher. Since it was a small town, we went to the ice cream parlor called Penny Whistle Stop for some ice cream and about fifteen other students got to skip class and walk to the ice cream parlor where our teacher bought ice cream for all fifteen students. Another time I made enough points in A.R. to ride in a limo, which meant a great deal to myself as a young small town kid. One other good memory from elementary…

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