I Am A Lover Of The Romantic Sense Essay

751 Words Aug 4th, 2016 4 Pages
I am a lover, but I am not necessarily a lover in the romantic sense. I am a lover of people, places, and things. Most of all, I am a lover of learning, challenges, and positive change. These strong passions have been instrumental in my development as a leader in whatever I choose to pursue. When life presents a problem or challenge of any sort to me, I want to solve it. Because life is problematic by nature, sometimes I can overwhelm myself, but I do love what I do. Thus, I have found myself in leadership positions because I devote myself completely and have a knack for taking the lead on projects. Throughout my life, I have started from the bottom of the ladder and worked my way up time and time again. In middle school, I was told that although my performance on a “gifted and talented” test, I had the opportunity to take gifted and talented classes in a pilot program. Believing I had to prove myself, I pushed myself and earned the highest GPA of my entire middle school class. In high school, I discovered that I was able to repeat my success by earning valedictorian while realizing my love of learning. However, I was conscious of the people that helped me along the way, so I was happy to help my classmates on assignments and am still happy to this day. Outside of academics, I played team player and team leader. On the nationally acclaimed school newspaper, I started as the freshman column writer and worked my way up to editor-in-chief. In student council, I lost my…

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