I Am A Lonely Night Essay

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It was great to hurry back to our little house that the highway over looked as you rode to any place in town. I felt I was never stuck in one spot. If I would ever become lonely I could just hop in my car. I had everything that a young adult woman like me could ask for. The only thing that lack in my life was love. The tender touch of holding hands, gentle kisses, the conversation from someone who care and of course l love making. I watched the highway from my bedroom over looking the cars wondering if Mr. Right will one day show up. I cast many love spells for others that end up in happiness. I never could do it for myself.
I felt such a black widow in the game of courtship and nor did the fair maiden rain down with a possible mates. I had never been on a date. At the age of eight-teen I was wishing just once in my life to experience what we see on those chick flicks on a lonely Saturday night. It was sick to know I was dreaming about a man. A man that I barely knew.

The name Jave continue in my head as I drove home. He had such a hunger in his eyes. I could not put in words but my curious mind of wanting to know more did not dissolve over a lengthy ride or the glass of grape juice I sat next to me as I stared into space.
Had quantum physics fell me from ever having a love? Was I not as good in my own craft for my own self? Could it be Chopra theory on magic was all wrong with it came to casting love spells?
I had many love drawing magic in my book of shadow…

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