I Am A Licensed Driver Essay

1185 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
Throughout life everyone is faced with challenging obstacles that they have to overcome, sadly I learned this for myself sooner than most. In October of 2012 I became a licensed driver in the state of Virginia. I was your typical sixteen year old boy with plans on taking road trips, modifying my car to increase its performance, and planning on never riding the school bus again. In three short months my world was turned upside down and I never thought it would be right again. It was December 12th and I was heading to pick my girlfriend up to go out to dinner with some friends. I had just finished my shift at work and traffic was awful. I finally made my way to where I was right in front of my girlfriend’s neighborhood when a 92 Thunderbird plowed into me. I can still remember the car spinning around and seeming like it was never going to stop, the seatbelt clenching my body to the seat, and the feeling of the airbag inflating and smacking me across the face. After my poor battered car stopped spinning I began to try to make sense of the situation. It took a few seconds for it to sink in on what had just happened. I climbed out of my car and immediately checked on the other driver to make sure she was okay. After making sure she was okay I returned to my now smoking car and searched for my cellphone. When she hit me, my phone flew out of my cup holder and ended up underneath the back seat. I then called my mother, told her I was alright and she came and picked me up. I walked…

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