I Am A Lawyer With A Flourishing Practice Essay

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The sun slowly rose rising over the houses across the street causing the outside air to become warm and sticky. The winds were starting to whistle softly through the open window of the bedroom. Emily stood in front the mirror staring at herself at the beginning of a long day. She had fair skin, beautiful long dark hair and a tall, slender frame. Her eyes resemble Chrysocolla marbles. She stood there wondering after three months of marriage how she had become a wife in such a primitive institution. How will she deal with the demands of a man that she loves, that has beliefs that she feels so much against?
“I am a lawyer with a flourishing practice. Oh god, another day in this mental hell hole.” Grumbled Emily to herself as she slammed the bedroom door behind her.
“We will see what he will complain about today. All I keep hearing that it’s his family tradition. That if I want to be a part of his family, I have to follow tradition and this is the way that it is. How am I supposed to give up my practice to raise kids? Let alone take in the monster-in-law,” Emily spoke out loud as she walks through the house.
The phone rings.
“Hello” said Emily
“Hello my dear, how are you.” Betty said.
“He has not made it home yet.” Emily replied.
“Well I better give you my flight information seeing that you will be the one to pick me up.”
Astonished at what she just heard, Emily retorted, “Excuse me?”
“Didn’t Tom tell you I fly in tonight?” Betty replied.
“No! He surely did not.”

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