Essay on I Am A High Sense Of Confidence

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Wouldn 't it be nice to have a high sense of confidence naturally? We would easily take the hard steps in life that lead us to whatever we want. Unfortunately, through negative experiences, negative relationships, and negative self-talk, confidence gets beaten down to a pulp.

If you are being held back from the life you want because of fear or low confidence, then building confidence is definitely something you need to focus on. Following are 20 tips to help you build it quickly and easily.

1. Embrace Mistakes And Failure

One of the big reasons we don 't have confidence is because we are afraid of failing or making a mistake. We don 't want others to feel like we are 'less than ', and we don 't want to feel like we are not living up to some standard. But, when we embrace mistakes and failure as an everyday part of life, we can develop more confidence in ourselves because we realize that they are part of being a human.

Everyone makes mistakes and fails. Everyone! Some people beat themselves up about them (promotes low self-confidence) and some people use their mistakes and failures to become stronger people (promotes high self-confidence). When you see it as a choice, it will be much easier to let your mistakes and failures in life teach you how to get the life you want.

2. Be Kind To Others

Want to feel instantly more confident? Be kind to everyone you meet! When you do that, people will treat you with kindness as well, which will make you feel important,…

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