I Am A Helicopter Parent And I Don 't Apologize By Elizabeth Stoke

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Much has been said and written about parenting, as a whole is a complex role as it involves many personalities throughout different stages of a child’s life. For young parents, ways of parenting are much different than that of older parents. There’s also differences in parenting based on the number of children one may have. What may be acceptable for a younger child may not have been acceptable to an older child. In Elizabeth Stoke’s article, “I am a Helicopter Parent and I Don’t Apologize”, the author discusses her parenting style. Sometimes seen as overprotective, helicopter parent are hands-on parents, who demonstrate interest, care and compassion for their own children.
Elizabeth Stoke’s is what she describes to be a helicopter parent. Offering no apologies for how she arrived at her stance on parenting, she offers insight on her parenting style. The term helicopter parent may be defined as a parent who has an overprotective edge. At times overbearing, a helicopter parent is one that may seem pushy, hard and set in their own world. For Stoke’s, her beliefs and parenting styles are based on what she has learned and acquired as a parent. At first setting out to give her children independence and allowing them to learn to work well with others, she ignores the hints her daughter gives her. By not allowing her daughter to shy away from an unhappy situation, and attempting to teach her to make the best of a bad situation she realizes she made a mistake by not “intervening…

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