I Am A Green Dragon Essay

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I am a green dragon living lonely in a mountain by a small town.
I used to like looking down the town from the top of the mountain.
People living in the town were living simply.
They did not seem to have much stuff,
Sometime they weeped when people died, yet the most of the time, they helped each other and looked happy.
I started wondering what the true happiness is.
So one day, I left for a journey to find the happiness.

I flew over a couple mountains.
I skipped some lakes.
And I arrived an huge country called “Golden Country”
There were nice buildings.
People were wearing fancy dresses and suits.
It was huge huge shiny country.
After entering the country, I met a guy wearing a black suit with a golden tie
I asked him
“Is there true happiness in this country?”
He answered
“Yes, of course! Because this place is the richest place in the world.”
“If you have money, is it happiness?”
“Yes, of course! You can buy anything with money. Do you want to be happy? I can give you money, so would you like to live with me?”
I told him
“I am sorry, I do not want money. I need to go.”
He was surprised, and he said sadly
“wow,,, I did not know that there is something that money cannot solve.”
I said bye to him but he turned around and left without saying anything.

I continued my journey.

I flew over a huge desert.
I flew over three hills.
And I arrived a clean bright city called “Tech City”
There were lights all over.
Everything was moving fast.
It was a super hitech modern city.…

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