I Am A Great Writer Essay

1483 Words Dec 12th, 2015 null Page
"This sucks!" That is what I would have said a couple of years ago and even further back. Writing has become important and interesting to me in the last couple of years. When I was younger, I would write every now and then of stories, but when it came to writing an assignment, I never wanted to do it. From when I was young to now, I still have not written as much as I would want to have. I still have problems trying to get all of my thoughts on paper. I tend to struggle to complete my own works, due to my lack of focus, but when it came to school all I needed to do was research in order to write what I felt was a decent paper. I learned through the years that everything is setting me up to be a great writer and some day I hope to publish a novel or a short story.
When I was younger I hoped that I could publish one of my stories, but I never could finish one. I loved telling stories, but couldn 't really get them down on paper. I would do a bit of writing in school, mostly stories and poems, because they were simple. I did not do much writing in my free time though. I did not have an acceptable attention span to complete a piece of work, such as a book or novel. I could have written all the stories that I imagined there would be a library full of weird and poorly written stories. It was school that tried to take my work to another level; it succeeded.
I had a bunch of my teachers, when I was younger, tell me I had a great imagination. This was because of all the stories I…

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