Essay on I Am A Great Son

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When I was younger I had panic attacks due to the fear of dying, I didn’t experience too close of deaths. Only great grandparents, and the only funereal I remember attending was my great grandmothers, who I called nana. The only thing I remember at that funeral since, I was only 4 or 5 was my 3 year old cousin saying really loud at a silent moment, “What’s in the box?” , he didn’t know better but he did lighten the mood of a sad situation as everyone laughed. Other than that it was a great uncle, great grandfather and my pet fish, Mr. Fish. Other than that it wasn’t till I was 19/20 years old that reality hit that my grandparents, who take a great deal in helping raising me, were not going to live forever. I had a dream one that my grandfather died, I woke up crying and thought it would never happen. I should of headed the warning, a man who barley let a cold or flu keep him stuck in bed was now fighting colorectal cancer, when they thought they got it all from surgery the next year he suffered a stroke, had a quintuple bypass and still he didn’t get held down in bed. I thought he was invincible at one point, even though I know better. The cancer came back and fast, spread all over. I was always babied being the only child, granddaughter and niece. I had to pull what was going on out of everyone, they didn’t want me upset but at the same time they did warn me he doesn’t want chemo, the man had amazing hair he didn’t want to lose, so this is when hospice came in. I helped…

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