I Am A Good Listener Essay

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(A). the only circumstances where I am not a good listener is, if I am completely drained or burnout tiered. It is hard for me to focus on what that person may be sharing with me, there for I do not have enough energy to make them feel like I am listening. I also have a hard time being a good listener if, I am upset about something or have been under a load of stress. Reasons why, if I am upset I am not able to connect with the person whom I am suppose to be listening to, because I am so focused on why I am upset it is hard to comprehend the first time but instead, I end up having them repeat what they have already shared. Therefore, if I am unable to focus on them, or too tiered to give any good energy to the conversation, cannot connect with them or comprehend the first or second time, I am unable to be a good listener.
(B). Yes, I am close to someone who is not a good listener, the way I observe she is not listening is, if I am sharing something with her that is not to her liking I will not receive a response. She will pretend as if I she did not hear me, even if I am sitting right beside her, another way I know she has heard me but not being a good listener is, by her facial expression changes. This makes me very upset and anger, it hinders any conversation at times, it also limits conversation because I know that she will not be a good listener for me if I have something to share I will keep it to myself. The way I would respond to her, would be to say I know you can…

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