I Am A Girl Named Renee Koepke Essay

1070 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
I heard my upstairs door being opened and closed. It was the morning of August 27th 2015, and I was still asleep in bed. Both my parents were at work, at least I thought. Someone rushed down our echoing stairs, and when they reached the bottom, I realized my mom had came home. She came into my room and asked, “Are you awake?”
I replied, “Sorta, I heard someone upstairs and it woke me up, why are you home?” She then looked at me directly in the eyes and said, “Honey, I have some really hard news to tell you.” She put her arm around me and tears welled in her eyes. “Very early this morning Renee committed suicide.” Shock. This can’t be true; she wouldn’t do that to herself; Renee never acted sad to me. I lost it. I balled; she was once my best friend. The middle/end of 8th grade a girl named Renee Koepke came into my life. We had teen leadership together where we worked on various projects together, she became my best friend. We ran track together that year, Renee always pushed me to run harder. She loved running the 400 meter dash, determined to finish I waited at the end of the race with her inhaler.
Renee really became part of my family going into high school, she went with my family on our camping trip, we were together 24/7. We spent many days lying by my pool, going on runs, playing volleyball and other typical girl stuff. At the end of 8th grade Mr. Kaminski talked Renee and I into doing golf, so in the middle of August we went to our first golf practice. We had…

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