Essay on I Am A Girl Named Eulalia

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They say that one day, a girl named Eulalia came to form part of the nursing staff at the hospital. It was a girl of good presence, with blond hair, light eyes and fine features, with a friendly and attitude educated though covered by a slight air of seriousness
From its earliest days in the medical institution, Eulalia showed great professionalism and diligence, always showing request with medical staff and with the sick poor, towards which professed a dedication that sometimes went beyond mere duty. On the other hand, Eulalia was always very clean and groomed, wearing the white uniform perfectly ironed and untainted, free from the slightest stain or wrinkle. How it was expected, Eulalia earned was quickly appreciated by physicians, at the same time, thanks to his natural sympathy, he managed to see free inspire envy in their female and male of nursing.
Indeed, some morning the hospital director invited staff to present the new doctor who had just arrived: Dr. Joaquin, a smart, handsome and high, come "of good family", but with an air of arrogance. All nurses went to meet him, but Eulalia was attending to a patient.
After a few days, Eulalia had still not crossed any word with Dr. JoaquĆ­n, and had hardly seen him from afar, although their ears had already reached the rumors that portrayed him as a proud, as one of those men who look to almost all "over the shoulder". That was that she had many desire to see it, but one day they decided that help it with the removal of a…

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