Essay on I Am A Fun Summer

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In the summer of 2015 i enrolled in two classes and though it was going to be a fun summer of taking these classes and it would go by quick. It was about two weeks into the summer sessions when i was shopping at the mall and woke up in a ambulance and finding out i had a seizure and didn 't even know. I was admitted into the hospital because i had some head damage from taking a pretty hard fall. About 28 hours later from being admitted. I go home and sleep and boom wake up in the Hospital again knowing i had another episode in bed. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and was admitted for about a week because i had some head damage and dizzy and blurred vision and they didn 't let me out until they find out what was wrong with me. I was in the hospital for about 1 week and on bed rest for almost a month because of my blurred vision and dizziness could not really do anything. My family is that finally stable and gets help from the government so i tried to buy a laptop but couldn 't afford it so i can do the work online but wasn 't possible so i told my sister to go to De Anza and tell them and let me take the "w" instead. Later on in the Fall i came to school finding out she didn 't drop the class and i ended up failing the class. Now i am retaking it and never been more then excited to be back at it.

In the fall after recovering from epilepsy i signed up for anatomy hoping to pursue my dreams to become a nurse, but the only problem is that i live in Fremont and De Anza is about…

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