I Am A Friend - Original Writing Essay

1888 Words Sep 5th, 2016 null Page
It’s December 17, 2015 and here I am sitting in a holding cell, waiting to be processed into population. I wonder when they’ll let me make a phone call. The high is starting to wear off and I can actually think straight again, finally. I’m starting to remember what happened. Dad’s girlfriend locked me out again because she hates me. She thinks I’m a waste who has no future. I also didn’t get my house key after moving in with her and Dad again-I’m a dumbass. Love was at work for the night, so I didn’t go to her house. I hate when she works late nights at the store. It’s hard for me to sleep without her now, and she would have made me forget. I should have just waited for her at her house and surprised her when she got home. She would have loved that. I’m so dumb. I drove through Dad’s subdivision, out the main entrance, and onto the main road going through Hebron. The ice covered road had my old Chevy sliding all over, but I kept going until I reached Bobby’s house. I shouldn’t have gone there, but I needed to get high. I needed to forget how much I hated my family. I don’t remember even leaving Bobby’s house. My memory before the cops goes as far as lighting the bowl of synthetic marijuana, taking a hit and letting the chemicals burn into my lungs. I remember looking at him, smiling, and then everything is black up until the accident. I remember Dad there, and the police and their flashing cherries and berries. I fucking hate the colors red and blue. They tell me that I’m…

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