Essay on I Am A Friend - Original Writing

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I remember the last text that I had gotten from Scott on June 6, it said, “I was”. I had asked if he was working. I was in my normal weekend rush to get my homework done, so I ignored the text. I, being the planner that I am, figured I would get everything done, and then we could watch the race together the next day. Well, so much for being a planner, and not spontaneous, at 48, you think I would have learned this lesson already.
The next day, Sunday, I texted to see if he was working, he farms so this was not uncommon. I received no reply. I decided since I was moving in 2 weeks I needed to work on packing. While packing, I saw on my caller ID a call from his mother, whom Scott had been basically estranged from for the last 3 years. I thought, what the hell does she want, this can’t be good, as I answered in my nice soft innocent voice. On the phone was Scott’s youngest daughter, she said “Wendy I have some bad news, Dad passed away this morning”. I froze, “WHAT! I can’t believe this!” I was seriously waiting for her to say just kidding.
My overactive planning mind decided to kick in. Oh my God, my homework, I’m moving, the dogs! I was dog sitting, and because he was a puppy, I had taken our dog Dakota, to keep him company. Dakota was the closest thing to our own child that Scott and I had. I remember thinking later that week, you have lousy timing. Humor like that I found comforting, as you can’t plan everything. I awoke the next day realizing that…

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