I Am A Friend Of Mine Record A Speech Essay

1753 Words Nov 14th, 2016 8 Pages
The high-pitched voice of a terrified college girl filled the hallway of Gallagher’s fourth floor this one night that I recall quite well. I was helping a friend of mine record a speech for her COM 101 class when we were interrupted by this screeching sound. I don’t live in Gallagher but I visit there often; so often that I know loud laughs of excitement were a part of the night routine or the piercing scream of a girl was only the result of a crazy prank. I can tell you about the many other things that make Gallagher different. It’s only at Gallagher that you can actually enjoy taking the stairs to the top floors, as the steps are low and the elevator door closes only after ten attempts of randomly pressing buttons. The blue carpets that line all floors are decorated with colorful spiral designs and the strange scents that fill the air of the hallways can either make you feel at home or nauseous. Gallagher has unique qualities. I opened the door of my friend’s room, peered down the ends of the hallway and noticed that two girls sat outside a room about two or three doors down from where I was. From a short distance, I noticed what seemed to be a giggle or slight smile on one of the girl’s faces as she tried to comfort the other girl who had dark red hair and wore big round glasses. The red head girl was Colleen Jordan. From the way Colleen’s friend comforted her, I immediately assumed that the reason behind her scream was not serious. Two nights ago, I learned that I was…

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