Essay on I Am A Friend Dave Marano

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In November of 1987, a very dear friend Dave Marano, lay dying of cancer in New York Hospital. He had a semi-private room. Adjacent to his bed in the same room separated by only by a long-drawn curtain, later I was introduced to him, his name was George.
I would visit New York Hospital every day after work to check-up with my boyfriend Dave, who was going through several exploratory tests to find the cancer and localize the cancer and to find a way to stop it from spreading. Reluctantly, I pulled the Doctor aside and asked him what Dave’s chances of survival were. The Doctor told me that after the operation, he will be better able to let me know what the situation is.
In the meantime, I would spend all day sitting by his side, and whenever I had the chance to read the Bible to him, I did. It was a very difficult time for me as anyone knows the waiting period is the most stressful because every day I went in I was hoping to hear good news about his recovery.
I dated Dave for about seven-years and we planned to get married. Throughout all the years I spent with him, I had always ministered to him about Jesus and encouraged him to give his heart to him. He never took the Bible reflectively in front of me but only God knew what he did in private. In all the years, I spent with him, he never attended church with me and when I would ask him to say the sinner’s prayer, he may have felt he didn’t need to.
One afternoon, upon entering the hospital room, there stood Dave’s…

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