I Am A First Generation Essay

2298 Words Sep 8th, 2016 10 Pages
I am a first generation to go to college and I am a living proof of being an outlier of any statistic in this world. For I am Hispanic, 17 years old and beating all the odds against me. However, I’m a fighter, a believer and a lover for my wish to be successful and make my mother happy and my heavenly father who is with me all the time, which I’m sure you know, his name is God. To be quite honest, you will see who I am and you will see the fire in my heart that makes me want to accomplish everything in my life. You’ll see the glow in my eyes, and you’ll know that with God by my side anything and everything is possible for me. I’m the hope of my mother’s one and truly, last love because we both have faced numerous and horrific experience in life. I’m a blessing to those I know (i.e. My mother and my boyfriend). I’m an outcast or an outlaw for my knowledge and heart makes me different from my age. I’ve had to be a grown up at a young age, due to many experience. When I speak to an adult, I speak as if I were an old soul or an old person who has lived life. To be honest, I’d love to believe that I am a fighter of God, I don’t know if I have answered the question, but, I am a survivor, a warrior, a woman who speaks when is necessary. I’d love to believe that I’m a changer, for example, I change or prove statistic or labels put on me due to race, language, skin color or experience. Who I want to be is totally different from me. I want to be happy, having freedom, live in my…

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