I Am A Firm Believer That My Family Essay

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When it comes to family, I am a firm believer that my family is unique. It’s so much love yet everyone has their own issues. Growing up around my house I never really noticed these issues as much as I do now. The older my sister and I get the more they feel like it 's ok to share. A few months ago we lost the glue to our family, to an accident involving improper hospital techniques. After that my family fell apart but oddly came together. We was missing someone but we felt as if she never lefted. My family is strong, loving, caring, blunt, arrogant, trusting, and of all dependable. Sure we have our issues and we have a lot but we are family no matter what. As I get older the generational change is obvious on both sides of my family. My parents unlike their parents waited until they were in their mid twenties to have children. My martial grandmother had my mom at 15 years old. She would always tell us girls “In my day it was different, it was nothing to do but have sex, do drugs, or get in trouble. I chose the safe route I had kids.” She was always so honest with us, in fact both of my grandmothers were. My paternal grandmother says that “marriage is a terrible thing if you get married young.” Her and my grandfather married right out of high school. It was more of a emancipation understanding that she got stucked in for years than a love marriage. neither of my grandparents furthered their education past high school. My mom was a first generation college student; however she…

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