I Am A Fanatic About Christmas Time Essay

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Quite frankly, I consider myself a fanatic about Christmas time. The way I speak during Christmas time is strongly influenced by my family tradition. My family has always gone all out for Christmas and we are not afraid to express it. The words I use to express my Christmas cheer are by words that express excitement, words or phrases describing others or objects, and creative way to express my inner bitch in a PG setting. There are times that I get very excited around the holiday season, I express my excitement by simple phrases. The phrases just come out of my mouth naturally and are easily understood by friends and family. Another category are words or phrases I use to describe others or objects. I interpret Christmas or winter words into phrases that I use every day but now are considered to have more of a Christmas theme. Lastly, I use phrases that are considered PG but are very close to the elfin swear word. Often these phrases are caught on by other adults but, the children are unaware and it’s a great way to be secretive around the nosey children.

MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANMIAL: The phrase originates from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Home Alone is my family annual tradition movie for Christmas, the whole family knows basically every word of the movie. In the movie, a boy named Kevin uses the short film Angels with Even Filthier Souls to scare off the intruders. There was a phrase that stuck out to us was “Merry Christmas ya Filthy animal.” In the short film,…

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