I Am A Doctor Named Brogan Essay

1031 Words May 24th, 2016 5 Pages
I breathed harder and faster with every fraught step I take. Run, run faster is the only thought that’s going through my brain. I have broken so many laws, making me the most wanted person in Pangea. It’s 2070 and the rest of the world is covered in water. The government is desperate on making more space on this 1 continent of land that is a barrier between the human race and the never ending sea. Everything was destroyed 10 years ago from the suffocating choke that the ocean’s hands pressed against the dry land. I ran quickly into my 400 square feet glass apartment, hopped onto my titanium hover board, and flew up to my apartment. 5 minutes. I knew that I had to get the micro-cam out of my eye; I need a doctor. 3 minutes. I turned the power button on and the hologram screen pops up as I started typing. I found a doctor named Brogan who is currently living in the Green district, he was arrested and got put into an intense physiological center, and his exact location are unknown. 2 minutes. I coordinate my fingers across the keyboard and hacked into the drones that monitor the Green District. Found it! I wrote down the location and stuffed it in my pocket. I then hacked inside the government control system and shut down the camera inside of my eye to buy me a couple of hours. I look at my watch, 1 second. BEEP, BEEP! A loud alarm went off signaling that an intruder broke into the government controlled pregnancy center.
It took me 30 minutes on my hover board to get to the…

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