Essay about I Am A Decision Maker

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I am a decision maker. The dictionary defines a decision maker as “a person who decides things” (Decision Maker), which is very simple, direct, and easy to understand. This is true. All people are decision makers as hundreds, if not thousands, of choices are made each day by a single person. Whether it’s something as small as choosing what to wear to school or what to eat for breakfast, or something as important as what college someone decides to attend after high school, all people are decision makers. Yet I believe that being a decision maker goes much deeper than that. Being a decision maker is something that is layered into both our society and us individually. We have a strong sense of free will, and a decision maker certainly has freedom. Yet with that freedom comes responsability. Being a decision maker also comes with the expectations one puts on themselves in order to hone their decision making ability. I am a decision maker, and it starts with what the world around me expects.
Society today has shown me that I must be a decision maker. In society, students are expected to make any number of decisions in order to be considered “normal”. I must make the right decision to do well and school and spend plenty of time on my homework and my studies. I must make the right decisions to not get involved with drugs, alcohol, or getting pregnant. I must make the right decisions to be involved in athletics, activities, and the arts so that I become a well-rounded person with…

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