I Am A Daughter Of Two Second Generation Immigrants Essay

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I am a daughter of two second generation immigrants. I am a first generation Asian American daughter. My grandmother was the first generation immigrant. My grandmother was the hero in this story. We are immigrants. From the mountains of Vietnam and Laos, my grandmother, my mother, and my father was civilians identified as Hmong’s—specifically the Xiong and Thao clan. From the mountains, my grandmother and my mother, a child at the time, fled their home country into the United States in the seventies to escape the harsh conditions of a war zone. Whereas, my father, a child at the time, lost his mother, and fled with his three brothers and a loving father into the United States leaving behind a sister. A covert theatre for a war zone, the Kingdom of Laos became the battleground between the Communist Pathet Lao and the Royal Lao Government. A war known as the “Secret War” among the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Special Activities Division and the Hmong veterans—allies of the Royal Lao Government—but to America this war was the Laotian Civil War (Leary, 2008). This was a war that changed the way of living for many Hmong civilians, including my grandmother and my parents. Consequently, the breakage of this war preceded my grandmother, my mother, and my father to flee their home country into the United States labeling themselves as immigrants. Immigrating into the United States was a choice did to escape the reality that their home country was no more a safe…

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