I Am A Crystal Vase That Contained Only One Desire Essay

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My mind was a crystal vase that contained only one desire, which was to win. I slumped back into my red leather chair, as the Slots machine again stole my money, it was my sixth loss in a row. The big flashing red words of “LOSS” on the digital screen and the loud voices of joy fed on my insecurities. I was sitting here bleary-eyed and unshaven in front of this wealthy machine, but I was only adding to its wealth, as I slowly munched through the family’s life savings. I just spent 2 hours deskbound, hungry and dirty in this luxurious casino guilty but was forced to. There was no other way, this slots machine was once an enjoyable pleasure where me and Jane shared many laughs, but not it is a source of income. I must win back the money which was for the future of my daughter and Jane’s college education.
I rummaged through my cluttered bag containing week old food scraps, desperately for any left-over money to gamble with, and to my relief I discovered a nearly ripped twenty-dollar note, enough just for one more game. I thought optimistically, that my luck would finally change, it was not possible to lose again. Just once. If I came home more, than I left with, I would not have to face Jane’s stupid lecture.
Before, I would ride my luck again, my phone buzzed in my right pocket. It was Jane;
“Where are you? Sally’s fever is getting worse”
“I cannot find any of the savings, where are they? I need to take her to the doctor”
“Don’t tell me you are at the casino! It is…

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