I Am A Critical Thinker Essay

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Most of us allow our emotions and life experiences guide us in how we perceive situations and come to conclusions on issues that arise in our life. We have come to assume that our thought process is accurate and since it is not flawed, our conclusions are right. We use this train of thought to defend our stance on matters and to choose a course of action when needed. I have done this many times and for the most part, felt comfortable with the decisions I have made. I believe in continuously striving to become a better person, and in doing so, I am realizing that my way of thinking could use some improvement. I want to improve myself intellectually to become a better critical thinker.
Critical Thinking
According to Dictionary.com, Critical Think is defined as “disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence.” (Dictionary.com, LLC., 2015). I believe that to be a critical thinker, I need to constantly evaluate my own way of thinking. I must ensure that I am not influenced by my emotions or someone else’s opinions. I must attempt to research all the facts and information on a topic prior to forming an opinion. To be successful at critical thinking, I should be open minded while engaging in a conversation of a topic of interest. A critical thinker should weigh the impacts of any decision to make sure they have taken into account any undesirable results. I believe I must follow the standards of thinking I have set for myself in all…

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