I Am A Conservative And She Is A Liberal Essay

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This is a story of two distant friends, Katrina and Ricardo, who live in the states of Nebraska and Florida respectively, and who share a close relationship but find themselves on two diametrically opposed sides of the ever ongoing socio-political debate in American politics. We are opposite on various social,economic, and political issues relevant to today’s American society. I am a conservative and she is a liberal. Katrina was born and currently lives in the small Nebraskan city of Bellevue. She is hopeful in pursuing a career in American government and dreams of one day becoming an important senator or representative of her home state of Nebraska. She comes from a small, average middle class African-American family with multiple generations residing in Nebraska. Her mother (who lacks an education past the high school diploma) works for the state’s local government in the financial department and her father (who also lacks an education past the high school diploma) works for the U.S military in the U.S Defense Department of Bellevue Nebraska. Similarly, I come from the small city of Homestead in Florida, currently residing there. I am also hopeful in a career in American government and American politics. I am also from a small average middle class family, but of immigrants who legally emigrated from Cuba. While my parents also lack a college education and barely have a high school education, they are both successful self-made business owners. Because Katrina lives in…

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