Essay about I Am A Catholic School My Whole Life

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I went to Catholic school my whole life. I attended St. Paul Elementary School and Madonna High School in Weirton, WV. Both of these schools were small so the atmosphere was like a family. I knew I could go to anyone in the school if I ever had a problem. The stories I chose to reflect on were ones that first came to me because I believe the ones I remember the first are the ones that must have had the greatest impact on me. Some of them I do not remember as clearly as others, but I hope to uncover the meaning behind them through this paper. I think they also helped me see why I believe some of the things I do about the field of education.
I honestly do not remember whole stories from when I was just beginning school. I only remember bits and pieces. Therefore, one of my first memories of school was when I was in Kindergarten. Each student was paired with an eighth grader and they became buddies. My friend Morgan and I were paired with a girl named Megan. I remember the day we met her. She was tall with brown hair and she first stooped down to introduce herself. I thought she was the coolest because she was so old compared to me. Our buddies went outside with us for recess one day and we were drawing with chalk. I remember my shoe being untied and she asked if I knew how to tie my shoes. I did not quite know how yet. Instead of tying it for me, she assisted me in tying it myself. From that day on, I could tie my own shoes. Our buddies would also do crafts with us. It was…

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