Essay about I Am A Business At The University Of Florida

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1. I am currently a business major here at the University of Florida. This is actually my first semester in the College of Business since I just switched my major from Engineering this Fall. Currently I’m undecided as to weather I want to major in Information Systems or Finance. The reason for the switch is because I feel I would succeed more, both professionally and personally, in a business field. I have always been interested in the business world and I feel as if I will get a lot out of it. The way in which money travels throughout our economy has always fascinated me
2. Honestly at this point I am not exactly sure what I want to do once I graduate. I am leaning towards pursuing a career in investment banking but I am keeping all my options open. This field interests me because it is a very fast paced, high stakes environment. From what I understand about it you have a lot of flexibility with the work you do and you are given a fair amount of responsibly from the get go. Though there are very long hours you have to work I feel like it will all be worth it when I close on a huge deal.
3. The biggest experience I am going to need going into my job after college is probably going to be an internship. I am already taking steps to try and secure one after this year. I am hoping to land one with a bank or other financial institution so that I can get some hands on experience and make myself more marketable. Additionally, other experiences will be necessary. I am already…

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