I Am A Branch Break And Knew He Was Near Essay

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I heard a branch break and knew he was near.

"Shhh," I whispered, "Get down." Aimee whimpered a bit and I glared at her. That damn dog was going to get us killed.

The wind died, leaving the woods hot and sticky. It felt like August in Mississippi, though I didn 't think of that until later. The prickly brush made a thin, lousy cover. The three of us were barely hidden and Cole 's dog was going to give us away.

Another branch broke, closer. Aimee growled.

"Lauren," I mouthed at my wife, pleading with her to do something to keep the dog quiet. She and Hannah tried to hush the dog and keep themselves under control too. It wasn 't effective. Their eyes were wide and red, darting around. Their breathing was shallow and fast as the Chesapeake Bay Retriever 's. All three of them were tensed like sprinters.

I peeked around the tree I hid behind but couldn 't see him anywhere. I held my breath and tried to slow my heart. To my straining ears, my wife and daughter 's ragged breathing was too loud. And that damned dog couldn 't be still.

Crack. He was almost on us.

Three days ago, we hiked to Heald Pond in Moose River, north of Jackman, Maine. It was a trip we made every year. A family camping trip far from cell reception, the internet and other people. Lauren and I loved unplugging the kids and spending time with them. If it took a two hour hike into the deep woods, we were up for the task.

There was a fire tower on one of the peaks north of the lake. Most years, Cole and I…

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