Essay on I Am A Boy Who Can Not Silent

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She rubbed her forehead with her milky palm. Regretted by it, the professor somehow balmed situation being resentful with condemned. Professor continued, "Today, we are going to a play-couple answer question- in which I stand up a boy who has to select a girl who could give answer, as he thought. Whoever will be selected has compulsory answer it."
Everyone frowned talking.
"Listen to me now. Had that girl couldn 't give right answer another one would stand up and has to choose again."
Thus hearing, frowned face turned into faint smile. We nodded yes. As a boy, Maunti, stood up leaning his whole weight on bench and asked, �Sir, if another girl also failed so....then?"
"You 'll give answer." All class broke into laugh over his statement.
"O fatso, keep silent, what you have to do with it?" Dinya barked, sounded angry, seeing some girls were laughing looking 'em.
Madhavan sir put a duster up, brought up to above his shoulder and thumped on table which made us mute. Hush fell on. The dusty invisible particle sneaked in his nose and sternutationed.
"Ah shiiiiiii" Madhavan sir congested with handkerchief.
"Slowly sir, scientists say death even could come while sneezing. And you are old so it�s much more possible."
"What did you say? Repeat it."
"Nothing sir!"
"I am to be young and fit, yet have more years to live on." He examined rather glanced over his fat body, pressed right muscle and went up turgid chest a little outside with heavy breathing in.
"I know abhi tak tum…

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