I Am A Born Leader Essay

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I am a born leader - which has helped me distinguish myself throughout my life starting from the very beginning. As a triplet growing up, I had two brothers that were the same age and who shared every childhood experience with me. My parents dressed us alike, we played the same sports, and we were in all the same classes. It was our identity and in our small hometown people recognized us as one. We were “The Triplets”.
However, even though we were often categorized as a group there was never a question who was the leader. From a young age, I was confident in my abilities and was able to build relationships with anyone. These qualities led to success, which helped build the trust and credibility I needed to lead by example. By doing so, I quickly started to differentiate myself from my triplet brothers and establish a leadership role in the family.
This carried over onto the athletic fields and in the community as well. I was routinely selected by my teammates to lead throughout my years of playing competitive sports. As a three-sport captain in high school and the president of the University of Michigan soccer club, I relied heavily on my confidence in teammates and relationship skills to lead. These skills served me well because I was not only able to achieve success through multiple championships but more importantly by gaining the trust of a team to follow my lead.
In the community, I sought to make a difference through Young Life, a nondenominational organization…

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