Essay on I Am A Blind - Original Writing

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My day begins with the recognizable echo of my phone alarm ah-oo-ga, ah-oo-ga. I loathe that evil unrelenting sound. I struggle to hit the snooze without opening my eyes. Ugh, it is imperative I open my eyes. To make matters worse, the lights are flashing to the sound. I manage to press the snooze. I am blind, still it is silent. The alarm is successfully disarmed. As a result, the dogs awake. They demand to be let out. The 80 pound Boxer is standing over my motionless body whining. The 15 pound Boston terrier is scratching my arm with his paw. I try to negotiate with them. If you are still, I will award you with treats. A full bag of treats for 10 minutes of sleep! They do not relent. They need out immediately. Thus, I throw my legs to the side of the bed. I rub my eyes and try to focus. I’m vertical now. I’m walking down the hall, I believe with eyes shut. I made it to the back door without being tripped by the dogs. They must seriously need out. I leave the dogs outside and head to the restroom. I let the dogs back in. Now they demand food and water. The nerve of these creatures. The dogs have been fed and watered. I need go juice. I brew myself a cup of coffee and sit in the dark living room with the dogs. They curl up and fall asleep on the couch. Not fair! I contemplate my day and all I need to accomplish. I drink the last bit of now lukewarm coffee. It’s time to start the crazy. I mean, time to wake the kids. The coffee is working.…

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