I Am A Big Bear Essay

788 Words Jul 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Lexi stared at her best friend in shock. She always joked about him being a big bear because of his huge football player size, but now she couldn’t believe that all her joking actually held truth to it. She stood up slowly, looking into his honey colored eyes. They were so beautiful. Did all shifters have beautiful eyes? Lexi looked at them and noted their warmth. She could tell there was a loving and caring soul hiding behind those eyes. She felt bad for having friend zoned Noah. He didn’t deserve that. Yet, Lexi couldn’t shake the thought that for some reason she wasn’t feeling the same attraction to Noah as she felt for Logan. When she had seen Logan there was this primal urge within her that screamed with a need for him. It was like there was something inside her body that needed him and now her body was aching with something she could only describe as withdrawal. She tried to clear her mind of such thoughts as she moved closer to Noah. He was surprised at how well she was taking it. He did assume that she had seen Logan in his shifted form, but he expected her to be a little wary of him, since he was, after all, a huge bear. Instead, however, Lexi moved up to him, slowly, but with courage. Noah’s bear roared in happiness as he felt Lexi’s small hand on the side of his face, gently petting his fur. She smiled at him before kissing his head. “I guess you really are just a big teddy bear.” They both chuckled at her statement. Lexi hugged him…

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