Essay I Am A Better Literate Person

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In this essay i 'm going to go through the steps I have taken to become a better literate person. I will also tell you inspirations, books and teachers that have made reading and writing easy for me. I 'm going to go through what elementary, junior high, and high-school reading and writing looked like. Hopefully my essay will better inform you and help you understand the integrity, courage and motivation it took for me to better myself. Now in elementary they make you read all the mainstream books like Junie B Jones, Magic Tree House and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Now I wasn’t the kid that got interested in those books, I was more serious. As a kid I always wanted to be a grown up so I would read things on life and careers. Kids and teachers thought I was crazy because I was so mature at a young age. I 've always been that kid that never followed the crowd because I like to be independent. I 've always wanted to be better or have something better. I don 't know, maybe i 'm just a competitive person. I can honestly say with my type of personality I could do just about anything If I actually put effort into it. Which is funny because for sometime in my life I did the exact opposite. I always thought I wasn 't good enough to do anything which is sad because lots of kids have the same exact problem. It doesn 't take much to find out the kind of person you want to be. It takes effort and a lot of self questioning with self discipline to keep your head straight which took me awhile…

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