I Am A Basketball Player Essay

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Before I was even born it seemed it was in my destiny to be a basketball player. My mom won a high school state championship and was some kind of legend in town. When she first signed me up to play in our town rec league, all of the men who ran the league couldn’t believe she didn’t sign up to coach. One of the guys at the table then turned to me and told me he was there when my mom scored the winning basket at the Boston Garden to take the team to the state championship game. When we got home later that night I asked my mom about that game. She took our her picture in the newspaper of her scoring the winning basket as well as all her other basketball memorabilia and I was hooked. I knew then and there all I wanted to do in life was win a state championship.
My love for sports started long before this moment though. There are old home movies of me as a couple week old baby placed in front of the TV watching the 1995 UConn and Tennessee national championship game. There are plenty of pictures of me playing on my baby hoop and playing whiffle ball with my dad. My dad was a huge influence on my love of sports other than basketball. My dad is a huge baseball guy. My sister and brother are actually named after Hank Aaron. Although I didn’t get a baseball namesake he still always had me playing and watching football, baseball, hockey, and wrestling. My family is from Abington Massachusetts, which is about a half hour south of Boston, so naturally we are huge Red…

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