Essay I Am A Basketball Game

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I think am I am a like a basketball game. A basketball games starts off a little slow, and it takes all the players around five minutes to actually get that competitive spirit going. The game slowly develops to get more and more exciting. There are setbacks, but you push through them. It comes down to the final minutes. This is the pressure situation when all your work om the previous days and years pays off. I think this is like graduating. Some people succeed and others disappear after graduation. I am almost to the final buzzer, but I still have some time left in the fourth quarter. I have to be clutch to fully prepare myself to be on my own in the real world. I have developed through high school like the dullness of the first quarter of a basketball game to the thrilling final seconds. The development of a basketball game can be compared to the growth of a human being. You prepare for your game with practice. No one sees the work you put in, but you have put that work on the floor on gameday. You warm up before the game, but the intensity is still very low. There are still only a few fans that are in the gymnasium. Then the tip-off comes. The intensity level rises a little, but it is still low. The players begin to get a little sweat going during the first quarter, but there is still plenty of energy left in the tank. The coach tries to work out the problems between quarters. In the second quarter, the players are starting to get in a grove. The game is starting to…

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