Essay I Am A Album Of Firsts

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I am a compilation of firsts and I have never been more proud of this fact than I am now. To begin, I am the first of my immediate family to attend and graduate from a four year university. Both of my parents graduated from high school and then joined the United States Navy afterwards. While both gained a tremendous amount of knowledge throughout their career in the military and in life, neither had pursued a college education. My mother was the closest of the two. She was planning on attending a university, but unfortunately she became pregnant with my brother at the young age of eighteen, which prevented her from going to school. She was forced to enter the workforce to provide for my brother, and over time she gave up on going to college as she gave birth to three more children. It was this missed opportunity that made my mother want her children to do better than she did and what inspired me to want to do better. While I am not an only child, I am the only one of my siblings to attend a four year university directly after graduating from high school. Furthermore, not only did I attend and graduate from my university, but I also graduated summa cum laude, which is something else none of my siblings have accomplished. However, my greatest achievement of being the first to do so was when I was accepted into medical school as no one in my entire family, even distant relatives, have ever received a doctorate degree or attended medical school. Overall, each of these firsts…

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