I Admire My Work And Dedication Of Running A Mental Institution

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I would like to start this letter by addressing the fact that I admire your work and dedication of running a mental institution. I know it must be a difficult task, and you seem to be doing the best that you can. However, it has come to my attention that one of your nurses, Nurse Ratched, has been treating not only the patients poorly, but your employees poorly as well. As a monitor of local Mental Health Hospitals, it is my top priority to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those staying in each institution. The Nurse refers to these specific workers as “The Black Boys”, and I feel as if this is an injustice to them and the work they are called to perform. Not only does this title make the Nurse feel as if she inferior to the other employees, but it causes them to treat the patients the way Nurse Ratched treats themselves- poorly and worthlessly. No one involved in this line of work should feel worthless or lower than anyone, it defeats the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish. I have also noticed that the way the Nurse trains “The Black Boys” results in them carelessly caring for the patients. Chief Bromden recalls “[Nurse Ratched] taught them her own technique; taught him not to show his hate and to be calm and wait, wait for a little advantage, a little slack, and then twist the rope and keep the pressure steady. All the time. That’s the way you get them into shape, she taught them,” (Kesey 27). Although this “technique” might work for solving crimes, it 's a…

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