Essay on Hyundai Released The Car Finder

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A Dad’s Gotta Do What a Dad’s Gotta DO
Hyundai developed a hilarious commercial, staring Kevin Hart, to be released during the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl as entertainment for all of those crazy, overprotective parents out there. Hyundai released the Car Finder commercial during the 2016 Super Bowl in order to promote the new feature in front of all those overprotective parents watching Super Bowl commercials. Every parent wants to protect their children, especially when they don’t know where the first date will lead to. With Kevin Hart playing the father, his hysterical faces, punch-line phrases, and ludicrous actions enrich the jovial tone of the commercial and demonstrate how the Car Finder feature works. Hyundai selects Kevin Hart’s comedic, yet relatable, protective nature over his daughter to truly showcase the new Car Finder feature, exclusively in the redesigned Hyundai Genesis; he utilizes the Car Finder feature to ensure her safety during the first date, persuading middle-class fathers to purchase the upscale feature for themselves. Spotlights are on the sleek, silver, Hyundai Genesis, with an upscale house in the background while a normal, everyday kid walks to the front door to take Kevin Hart’s daughter on their first date. He allows his daughter’s date to drive the car; although a generous act, Kevin immediately pulls out his Car Finder app in order to follow the couple to the movies, carnival, and hilltop to ensure the boy would not make any…

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